6 must have types of shoes to wear in summer 2018

No matter how many pairs of shoes you have, there should be footwear for all occasions in women’s wardrobe. World In Leather tells about 6 types of shoes you must have to be in trend in summer 2018.

1. Flat shoes

Flat shoes’ history begins in XVI century but they have become really popular thanks to Audrey Hepburn who used to wear this kind of shoes during “Funny face” film shooting combining them with cigarette cut pants. Today flat shoes are essential part of summer women’s wardrobe being as comfortable, as acceptable for mixing with various clothes. Read more

5 ways to wear leather clothes in summer

Natural leather is a practical material which is unheralded during hot summer weather. Which things can easily change bomber jackets, leather trousers and skirts in summer and which clothes and footwear they can be combined with? World In Leather tells about 5 ways to wear made of natural leather clothes during hot season.

1. Choose sleeveless models

Sleeveless jacket will be a great choice during summer season. As an alternative, it is recommended to buy a short-sleeved blazer. Special focus should be made at right color selection. Try to avoid classic tones in summer and choose bright colors such as blue, red, green, pink or yellow instead. Read more

3 types of women bags to buy in 2018

Correctly selected bag can become an ideal addition to your casual look. World In Leather tells which type of bags is better to buy in order to match the latest fashion trends of 2018.

1. Large utilitarian models

Utility will always be fashionable, that’s why it is reasonable to choose large and tote bags this season. They let you to take everything you need during the long working day: gadgets, documents, cosmetiste or even clothes for a gym.

In 2018 models from natural leather which have laconic design and geometric forms are still trendy. Stylists recommend selecting chocolate, wine, bronze, navy blue or vibrant green colored goods. Women who prefer classic colors may choose anthracite-black or pastel colored fashionable bags. Read more

6 tips which will help you to pick an outfit to wear with uggs

Most women like uggs to go out in winter because they are as fashionable as comfortable and keep your legs away from cold at the same moment. It seems almost everybody, from celebrities to schoolchildren, prefer wearing uggs during the winter to stay warm and cozy.

World In Leather has recently written how to choose uggs, and now it is time to get to know how to wear them. We share with you 6 tips which will help you to pick up a suitable outfit to go out with these winter boots.

1. Long pants will be a great choice

Uggs were created to wear during the cold weather, that’s why it will be the best choice to combine this kind of boots with winter clothes such as long pants. Put on trendy jeans and tuck them into your uggs to get an awesome look. It is a good choice to wear uggs with blue, black, green or red skinny jeans, but, in this case, be sure to color coordinate with shoes. It is also permitted to put flared pants over a pair of uggs to make a graceful style. Read more

5 tips which will help you to choose high quality uggs

There is nobody here who has never heard about uggs. Women really like this kind of winter shoes because of their comfortability, organic materials and unique design. But in order to get a pair of shoes which you can wear as long as possible also taking care of legs’ health, you should know how to choose and buy uggs.

World in Leather tells subscribers how to choose pair of Australian shoes which will not let you getting cold in winter, providing with presentable style, high quality and naturalness at the same time. There are 5 tips which will help to deal with the issue. Read more

Fashion shoes for women in 2018: 10 latest trends for all seasons

Not so much time have passed since the world’s most famous designers represented their 2018 fashion collections. We in World In Leather are sharing 10 latest shoe trends with our subscribers.

1. Shoes with high square heels

Shoes with high square heels are one of the most popular trends of 2018. The main difference between this model and stilettos consists in steady heels which make shoes with square heels more cozy in use. Suitable model can make women’s legs to look more fragile and elegance. As an alternative choice cone or trapezoid heels are allowed. Read more