Sheepskin rugs: medical properties, choosing tips, caring

Sheepskin rug will look luxuriously and aristocratic almost in every room, especially in living room, library or bedroom. If you are thinking about buying a carpet to place in home, pay attention to sheepskin rugs. World In Leather shares information about medical properties, care and selecting tips of sheepskin rugs with our readers.

Medical properties of sheepskin rugs

From ancient times genuine sheepskin is known for its useful properties. This material contains lanolin, which helps in sores healing and immune system reinforcement. That’s why genuine sheepskin has always been used during thousands of year in medical purposes, helping in preventing and treating a lot of illnesses such as catarrhal diseases, rheumatism and joint pain. Read more

10 tips to prolong the lifespan of high quality shoes

It is not enough just to buy shoes from high quality materials. If you want your pair of footwear serve as much as possible, you should take care of it regularly. World In Leather shares with you 10 tips which will help to prolong the lifespan of expensive shoes.

1. Do shopping wisely

It is much better to buy 1 pair of high quality shoes than 3 pairs of cheap models. But you should spend money wisely choosing viable options. Stylists recommend having in wardrobe classic shoes, demi-season and winter leather high boots. It is not required to spend a lot of money every season in order to follow last fashion tendencies. Also it is unreasonable to choose bright colored models having enough money for buying just 1 pair of footwear. Spend money selecting classic colored shoes which will give you more options to match suitable clothes. Read more

How to take care of uggs: 3 tips which will save your winter shoes

In the last 2 articles World In Leather gave you some recommendations about choosing and wearing uggs. Today we are talking about taking care of this kind of winter shoes. There are 3 tips which can help your boots serve as long as possible.

1. Wear socks

Maybe it is more comfortable to wear uggs barefoot, but, in this case, bacteria on your feet and sweat can easily shorten the lifespan of shoes and become the main reason of creating bad odor. If you want to protect your shoes from these disasters, just put a pair of socks on your legs. Read more