Sheepskin rugs: medical properties, choosing tips, caring

Sheepskin rug will look luxuriously and aristocratic almost in every room, especially in living room, library or bedroom. If you are thinking about buying a carpet to place in home, pay attention to sheepskin rugs. World In Leather shares information about medical properties, care and selecting tips of sheepskin rugs with our readers.

Medical properties of sheepskin rugs

From ancient times genuine sheepskin is known for its useful properties. This material contains lanolin, which helps in sores healing and immune system reinforcement. That’s why genuine sheepskin has always been used during thousands of year in medical purposes, helping in preventing and treating a lot of illnesses such as catarrhal diseases, rheumatism and joint pain.

Sheepskin rugs allow maintaining the permissible level of humidity in the room due to ability to absorb and evaporate about 30% of moisture. Rooms, where sheepskin rugs are placed, will be always fresh and cozy.

How to care of sheepskin rugs

Genuine sheepskin is quite unpretentious material, but it is strongly recommended to air and shake from time to time. Washing is advised to be done every few months, using a special shampoo for wool. You can wash the sheepskin product by hands or in washing machine. If you choose second option, be sure you have set a sparing regime and the water temperature is about 30 degrees of Celsius.

Home sheepskin rugs should be dried at room temperature. Spreading it on the floor will be enough. Don’t hang the product on a battery, and don’t forget to take it away from direct sunlight.

How to choose sheepskin rugs

There are some tips from World In Leather, which will help you to choose the best sheepskin rug for your home:

  1. Prefer genuine sheepskin to synthetic materials, because only genuine sheepskin rugs can provide you with medical properties and all the benefits.
  2. Pay attention to the quality of a product you want to buy. Wool shouldn’t get out, jam or pour. Only high-quality goods can serve as long as possible being the entire part of your home interior at the same moment.
  3. Be sure you’re choosing a product with elastic wool. It means that wool of young animal has been taken to make a sheepskin rug, and therefore such item will last much longer.
  4. Remember that product should have a dense and evenly distributed woolen cover and a rich color.

Not only for their medical properties sheepskin rugs are estimated. They will be also in vogue, bringing cozy, freshness, harmony to every home. Do you like genuine sheepskin products? Share your answer with us in the comments below.

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