5 tips which will help you to choose high quality uggs

There is nobody here who has never heard about uggs. Women really like this kind of winter shoes because of their comfortability, organic materials and unique design. But in order to get a pair of shoes which you can wear as long as possible also taking care of legs’ health, you should know how to choose and buy uggs.

World in Leather tells subscribers how to choose pair of Australian shoes which will not let you getting cold in winter, providing with presentable style, high quality and naturalness at the same time. There are 5 tips which will help to deal with the issue.

1. Just organic materials

You would like to get a pair of uggs which you will wear as long as possible, wouldn’t you? So in this case, it would better to pay attention to materials which were used to produce shoes. Firstly, natural uggs were manufactured from skins of merino sheep thanks to what they were warm and cozy inside, and velvety outside. Nowadays high quality uggs may be also produced from natural leather and fur being more cozy, warm and stylish than models from merino sheep.

Remember just one thing – shoes should be manufactured from organic materials! It is much better to pay a little bit more but get high quality and durable model from natural leather and fur than put yourself at risk and feel discomfort choosing imitations from synthetic materials.

2. Manufacturer

The first and the best known uggs manufacturer is UGG Australia. Starting fabrication in Australia, now it has been fully moved to China. All original uggs have “made in China” marking, that’s why you should not believe to the seller, if you hear that these shoes were produced in Australia. More than likely, he tells lie in order to sell you a high quality imitation.

Excepting UGG Australia, there are a huge amount of good manufacturers with high quality goods. Most of them are based in Turkey.

3. Color

Despite being a matter of taste, it is better to pay some attention to right color selection. Classic black, brown, gray and elegant ginger colors will be simply combined with a big amount of clothes. Excepting models from natural leather which are easy to clean, white shoes may be not suitable for late autumn, winter and early spring seasons.

Be specially careful, if you are going to buy purple, red, pink or other bright colored uggs from synthetic materials, because they can lose their color immediately after rainy weather.

4. Flavour

Uggs from natural leather have their special unmistakable flavour while models from synthetic materials usually smell badly. Although manufactures now can imitate natural goods’ flavour with help of aromatizers, you should always remember one thing choosing shoes: if a model smells extremely badly, just give it back to seller.

5. Design

Choose women uggs according to their design and form. Take a look through shoes: maybe there are defects or other problems. Here are some tips which can help to select a right model:

  • Platform should be flexible and thick (at least 1.2 cm)
  • Make sure that top part of shoes is wide
  • Heels should not be band
  • Pay attention to shoe seams and make sure that threads do not stick out from anywhere
  • Toe should be slightly inclined downwards

Using all these tips you will buy comfortable, flexible, well-designed uggs from high quality and natural materials. Do you like uggs? What do you pay attention for when you choose them? Let us know in comments below.

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